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The Pink House

Phi Mu at the University of Florida

2/19/06 02:15 am - moonjumping - menu for the week.

Mon. 2/20
Lunch-meatball subs.
Dinner-pork chops, broccoli, black beans and rice, banana pudding.

Tues. 2/21
Lunch-wings, celery and carrot sticks.
Dinner- shrimp scampi, lightly buttered noodles, squash and zucchini, sugar cookies.

Wed. 2/22
Lunch-sandwich bar with chicken caesar and tuna salad.
Dinner- beef tips, potatoes, corn, rolls, dessert.

Thur. 2/23
Lunch- taco bar.
Dinner- fish, sundried tomatoes and rice, asparagus.

Fri. 2/24
Lunch- chili, corn bread.
Dinner- chicken pot pie.

2/7/06 10:55 am - siggydmp - menu

FEBRUARY 6 : LUNCH : Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce, Italian Pasta, Salad Bar : DINNER : Oven Baked Chicken, Sweet Potato Casserole, Baby Peas and Carrots, Salad Bar, Ice Cream.

FEBRUARY 7 : LUNCH : Chicken and Black Bean Burritos, Salad Bar : DINNER : Grouper, Baked Potatoes, Veggie Medley, Salad Bar, Rolls, Dirt Pudding.

FEBRUARY 8 : LUNCH : Apple and Walnut Salad with Chicken Bits, Salad Bar : DINNER : Meatloaf, Green Beans, Salad Bar, Rolls, Baby Food Cake.

FEBRUARY 9 : LUNCH : Sandwich Bar, Fruit Salad, Salad Bar : DINNER : Chinese Night (Sweet & Sour, Chicken with Beef), Egg Rolls, Brown Rice with Peas, Salad Bar.

FEBRUARY 10 : LUNCH : BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Cole Slaw, Salad Bar : DINNER : Stuffed Shells, Broccoli, Italian Bread, Salad Bar.

1/20/06 02:01 pm - siggydmp - Menu: Jan 23rd thru Jan 27th


Lunch: Chicken fingers and fries
Dinner: Shrimp skampi with pasta, asparagus, rolls, and sherbert


Lunch: Quiche
Dinner: Lasagna, strawberry spinach salad, garlic bread, and banana pudding


Lunch: wings
Dinner: Beef tips, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and rice cripsy treats


Lunch: pizza bar
Dinner: Italian herb chicken, roasted red potatoes, green bean casserole, whole wheat rolls


Lunch: Wraps
Dinner: hamburgers, turkey dogs, tater tots

1/4/05 03:08 pm - stealthswinger

Happy "original" Founders' Day everyone! 153 years is coming up very soon!

And on a more relevant note, I hope everyone had a wonderful break and that you're excited about your new classes today! See you at dinner and chapter tonight!

Love in our Bond,

10/4/04 11:41 pm - stealthswinger - Bored tomorrow night?

There are two wonderful things you can do Tuesday night to support your sisters!

**New Member Lipsync: Come cheer on your Phis at :08! Be there at 7:30. Cover $5ish
**Support Erin Choy! She's going to be performing at the Gator Growl Talent Night tomorrow at Sky, and if she wins, she'll sing the national anthem at Gator Growl! Around 8, no cover charge.

Even better, do both! They are just a flight of stairs away from each other. ;)

Good luck with midterms, girls!

9/26/04 12:12 pm - stealthswinger

Phi Meeting cancelled tonight and rescheduled for tomorrow, Monday, Sept 27th at 5:45pm
Big Sister Revealing is still tomorrow, Monday, Sept 27th at 7pm

Stay safe everyone!

My big question of the day... are there any sisters with football tickets who would be willing to let me buy theirs? I need two for the Arkansas game next Saturday. My mom and her boyfriend wanna come up for it... yay! :)

9/20/04 01:13 am - stealthswinger

This week's menuCollapse )

9/14/04 12:28 pm - stealthswinger - the date function thread!

Roller Skating & Mini Golf
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
7:30-10:30 PM
@Skate Station

Need a date? Got a great guy to share? Help a sister out!

**Started by a sister who's about to celebrate a six month anniversary with a wonderful boy her wonderful big sis set her up with for Carnation Ball. Woo!!

9/7/04 12:08 pm - stealthswinger - Phi Pals and other fun things

FYI from Patty's Livejournal (edited because I'm anal like that)... Lauren, feel free to comment/amend as necessary:

1. Ladybug Pals have been switched to a later date, probably after Big Sis Revealing.
2. Rose and White is still going to be during the Phi Retreat. If the retreat gets moved, so will Rose and White.
3. Big Sis/Lil' Sis lists were due on Monday. If you haven't turned yours in yet, do it now! Email them to Christina.
4. Big sisters will still know their little sisters by Wednesday, assuming she has also turned in her list.

Sooooo... Phis, make sure to spread the word to turn in your Big Sis lists!

And, there's dinner at 5:30 at the house. There is flooding in the kitchen, so it won't be your typical dinner, but come say hi to all of the sisters that are back... Phi Meeting's at 6:30 too. :)

Can I add how much I love Gmail? Looking at Christina's latest email to the sisters about Ladybug Pals, Google places its "sponsored links" next to it. One is www.get-rid-of-ladybugs.com. Who would want to kill a ladybug? :/

9/3/04 05:43 pm - stealthswinger

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