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Phi Pals and other fun things

FYI from Patty's Livejournal (edited because I'm anal like that)... Lauren, feel free to comment/amend as necessary:

1. Ladybug Pals have been switched to a later date, probably after Big Sis Revealing.
2. Rose and White is still going to be during the Phi Retreat. If the retreat gets moved, so will Rose and White.
3. Big Sis/Lil' Sis lists were due on Monday. If you haven't turned yours in yet, do it now! Email them to Christina.
4. Big sisters will still know their little sisters by Wednesday, assuming she has also turned in her list.

Sooooo... Phis, make sure to spread the word to turn in your Big Sis lists!

And, there's dinner at 5:30 at the house. There is flooding in the kitchen, so it won't be your typical dinner, but come say hi to all of the sisters that are back... Phi Meeting's at 6:30 too. :)

Can I add how much I love Gmail? Looking at Christina's latest email to the sisters about Ladybug Pals, Google places its "sponsored links" next to it. One is www.get-rid-of-ladybugs.com. Who would want to kill a ladybug? :/
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